Guest Comments

"You Will Be Pleasantly Surprised with Quaint Accomodations"

November 30, 2010

The hosts, Kevin and Carol, intentionally provide enough privacy to make you feel at home while also providing an experience worthy of twice the price-tag. My girlfriend and I made the short drive from Chattanooga to Benton [less than 40 minutes' drive time] with high expectations because we had never chosen to spend an evening at a bed-and-breakfast.

When we arrived we were accompanied to our guest lodge by Mel the Camel and a host of pets. It reminded me of where I grew up in rural Southeast Tennessee---extremely quiet---and I felt at home immediately. The next morning for breakfast we got our first chance to meet Kevin and Carol; what an entertaining couple. They met us after breakfast for approximately 1 hour meet-and-greet at the barn, where Kevin was gracious as he spoke with us about his over 2 dozen llamas, 2 camels, donkeys, goats, pet pig, dogs and cats.

Already made a return visit! We feel that the price is appropriate and the breakfast/entertainment on par with other B&B's we have visited since Kevin and Carol lit us on fire!

"An idyllic setting that makes you want to stay forever...and the best petting zoo ever."

July 5, 2010

I have stayed at dozens of B&Bs, and this was by far my favorite. The breakfasts are incredible! Home-cooked French toast, baked pears, egg soufflé, and fresh fruit, served on a nice porch overlooking the pasture. Breakfast alone was worth half the rate.

If you are an animal lover, this is the place for you! It's like getting a free safari along with your stay. Where else can you look out from your porch and see camels?? They also have llamas, donkeys, goats (even fainting goats!), a peacock (who shows off his feathers every chance you give him), horses, geese, parrots (and other birds I don't know the names of), and several dogs and cats. All are friendly, and happy to let you pet them. The dogs even slept on our porch. Cisco the miniature donkey was probably my favorite, he is a wise old man with a friendly personality. I also loved 'Nilla, the Great Pyrenees who guards the goats. She is a sweetie. The little goats run around and ram each other with their horns, which is pretty hilarious. I can't remeber the camel's names, but they eat apples right out of your hand and seem to love attention. They all really make you feel welcome and like you belong there. It's pretty much the best petting zoo ever. Even though we went to the area for biking and paddling, I had so much fun with the animals I didn't want to leave the grounds.

We will be back for sure, and I'll bring more apples to feed the camels and Cisco.

"Stunning views, great hospitality, and friendly animals (Even the cats!)"

August 12, 2009

My wife and I had a great time. Words don't begin to say how sweet all the animals are here. Kevin and Carol do a great job finding the balance of giving their guests privacy and great hospitality which so many B&B's have a hard time doing. Definitely would stay again.

"Ocoee Mist Farm B&B aka My Favorite Place on Earth"

June 18, 2009

We travel with our 4yr old all the time and while we do enjoy staying at hotels, we do change it up a bit and recently we stayed at The Ocoee Mist in Benton, TN. And let me just tell you, it has to be one of my favourite places on Earth. From the location, the surroundings, the peacefulness, the accomodations, and the farm animals.

Wait. What. Farm animals? Oh yea.

  • 13 llamas
  • 2 camels
  • 1 horse
  • 10 donkeys
  • 1 peacock
  • 24 goats
  • 4 geese (maybe 5 now? They had an egg when I was there)
  • 6 parrots
  • 6 cats
  • 5 dogs

I know it sounds a lot, but Kevin and Carol have a lot of land and those animals have plenty to roam. The animals do not stay in your room nor do you stay in their stable. There is 2 wonderful houses (one house has two rooms and the main house is for the overflow of guests). The animals are extremely friendly and the owners are especially kind enough to allow us to walk around and get near the animals. I have never heard my daughter squeel has much as she did while we were there. This really is a family-friendly environment and I can’t recommend it enough. If you want to have a great time rafting on the Ocoee, they are only 5 miles away from it and then you can relax at Ocoee Mist.

Ocoee Mist is located in Polk County, Tennessee near the Ocoee River and the Hiawasee River. They are 2 miles from Lake Ocoee, 2 miles from restaurants, and 5 miles from downtown. The view there is wonderful, even when it rained we were happy sitting on the porch watching Mel the Camel impatiently wait for my husband to pet him again.

The breakfast was amazing (the dining room is awesome!) and I can’t talk highly enough about the owners. Very sweet, down to Earth, and wonderful people to talk to. Your family will never forget the experience, I promise. Our daughter still talks about "Daddy’s best friend, Mel the Camel".

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